Customer satisfactionSatisfication
Quality First, Fast Response, Punctual Delivery, Customer Satisfaction
Keep Promises, Focus on Products, Serve Attentively, Grow Together
Teamwork, Attention to Details, Ensure Quality and Quantity, Complete on Time
No Excuses, No Reason, Today is done today, Pay by Quality
Constantly Summarize, Dare to Change, There Is No Best, Only Better
Change Thinking, Break the Routine, Dare to Be the First, Challenge the Future
Establish Confidence, Keep the Goal in Mind, Persevere Until Success
It Is Not Easy to Insist on Doing Simple Things Well
Positive EnergyPositive Energy
Be Diligent in Learning, Positive and Motivated, Do not boast, Do not Promote Evil
Establish a Sense of Ownership; Realize Self-Growth with the Company
Mutual Trust, Empathy, Modest and Honest, Resource Sharing
Unify Goals, Give Full Play to One's Strengths, Express Your Opinion, Make Progress Together